Evaluation of SPF and DMARC extensions

Sending fake emails using domain spoofing is a common technique used by attackers. Lack of proper email anti-spoofing schemes or their misconfigurations leads to successful phishing attacks or spam dissemination. According to the recent FBI report, Business Email Compromise (BEC) caused more than US $1.8 billion in losses to businesses and individuals in 2020. SPF and DMARC protocols are critical for preventing email spoofing and essential in preventing BEC frauds. Here you can evaluate SPF and DMARC security extensions for domain names and analyze the spoofing possibilities enabled by missing or misconfigured rules.

Have you configured SPF correctly?

Enter your domain name below. We will verify whether your domain's SPF and DMARC rules are configured correctly. The service will evaluate your SPF by simulating the check_host function described in RFC 7208. It shows the current SPF status for your domain and the possible implications if it is misconfigured.

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